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June 09, 2008


lisa slocombe

don't you just love stacy's laugh she gives after she first tells you to put it in the bubble & blow it away?! she's so contagious!! i got to meet her a couple months ago, and you're so right, she's just as genuine IRL.

katie scott

Looks like fun :) we're trying to get a similar LOM support group going here in Florida :)

Marta Valdes

Molly, it was truly amazing to have her with our group one on one. Thank you and TM for hosting Stacy Julian. This is an experience I will never forgot.


hey Molly girl..I came across your blog off of Stacy's site! This is really cute!

I'm so jealous you all had a LOM group together. I was totally out of the Big Picture loop until I heard her speak at the store. I was so motivated and moved afterwards. Girl, you did a good thing bringing SJ here to the Conejo Valley.

So now I've read all the books and I'm utterly, and completely overwhelmed. How the hell do I get my scraproom reorganized? I had to do a mini chipboard album the other day for my two y/old's PT going away present and I came unglued trying to find the pics (if I'd already had a category system it would have been a breeze)...trying to sort through all my crap (where IS that blue ink pad??).

ANYWAY, I'm rambling here and sorta dumping on you, but any hints, tips or ideas you can send my way, I'd SO appreciate it.

Well, if you ever get another group going, or want to do some sort of class, I'm totally in. Just had to let you know. (ever thought of that?)

well, you must think I'm crazy, but for some reason, I thought you'd get it.

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